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With Booksportz service portal, add and monitor your services with our daily reports with a summary of your services’ updates. Booksportz service portal will help you to organize and optimize your services’ performance. Start now and create your account!

What does it mean to become a partner?

Grow your business size

Being exposed to wider customer variety local and world wide through our platform, blogs, and social media channels.

Time Management

Tools to maintain proper scheduling for your services and availablity.

Organize your services

easy to manage and propose your services ,courses and activities.

Finance Management

Manage your finance details and your revenue streams with Dashboard and instant reports.

Maintain your services

We provide you live reviews from clients on your services, it will help you to maintain your services.

Loyalty program

New way of building revenue stream from the future booking of your customers lifetime.


Monitor your

business updates

Get a summary for your services’ updates with Booksportz dashboard. Monitor your revenue, reservations and loyalty points with details reports.

Recieve your

transactions Safely

With booksportz, monitor your transactions and your reservations’ invoices in details.


support team

Whether you’ve just booked or are already on your adventure, our well trained and qualified support team is always available to answer your questions and solve any issue might bother you.

Get Loyalty

program rewards

With Booksportz, Enjoy a unique loyalty program and redeem a convertible points for each transaction from your users.